25 years ago - July 9, 1985: ''No key to the city for Madonna''

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Il y a 25 ans - le 9 juillet 1985: "Pas de clé de la ville pour Madonna".

Years Past: This date in history, from The Bay City Times
Published: Friday, July 09, 2010, 12:00 PM
Nicole Marsh | The Bay City Times
United Press International contributed to this report.

July 9, 1985

25 years ago

When Mayor Timothy G. Sullivan heard the bare facts about Madonna’s upcoming unveiling in Penthouse magazine he did what he could to enforce moral standards - he reneged on his offer to give her a key to Bay City.
No key to the city for Madonna,” Sullivan said. “We’ll give her a warm welcome, but the key represents the citizens of the community and it would not be in good taste to give her the key given certain circumstances.”
Sullivan is trying to get the Bay City born rockstar to return to Bay City for a “homecoming” concert.
But recent revelations - Bob Guccione’s plans to print nude photos of Madonna in Penthouse - have had “somewhat of a chilling effect” on Sullivan’s plans, as he put it.
The mayor wants to let things cool off.
I think it’s best for all concerned if some distance and time is placed between this disclosure and Madonna’s visit,” he said.
Sullivan said although Madonna grew up elsewhere and went to high school in Rochester, he still considers her a local citizen.
She’s certainly Bay City’s most prominent export,” Sullivan admitted. “Don’t mind the pun, but those are the bare facts.”
She’s achieved a great deal of notoriety and fame for her musical contributions and has brought the community some degree of recognition,” he said. “I’m sure she’ll come back at some time, when this is all over.”
In spite of the uproar created by Guccione’s announcement of the planned 17-page section of nude pictures, reportedly taken in 1979, the flamboyant teen idol has remained mute on the subject.
Word of the projected publication did prompt court action by a photographer who says he never agreed to sell the photos to the magazine and doesn’t want them printed.
The photographer, Herman Kulkens, has filed a $2 million suit over the pictures. He claims he took several nude pictures of Madonna when he lived in Michigan.
Madonna, whose full name is Madonna Louise Ciccone, lived in Ann Arbor and the Rochester area as a teen-ager and has relatives in Bay City.
Madonna’s uncle, Chris Fortin, 30, of Bay City, said there are plenty of “vultures around ready to cash in on his niece’s success."
If you have a reputation people try to stir up some dirt,” he said. "People probably won’t pay much attention to the pictures,” he added.
He said Guccione is trying to stir something up  like he did with Vanessa Williams, the short-term Miss American whose sexually explicit published photos cost her crown in 1983.
The magazine says the Madonna pictures belong to Penthouse because it sent the photographer a $25,000 check, but Kulkens said there was no agreement and that Playboy offered at least $50,000 for the pictures.
The photographer’s suit seeks the return of the photographs and $2 million in punitive damages and costs.
Susan Kulkens, the photographer’s wife, said in an affidavit the picture ere taken “several years ago” and that “Ms. Ciccone signed appropriate model releases granting to my husband the right to print, publish, sell or otherwise disseminate those photographs as he deemed appropriate.”
Guccione said he considered the deal “binding and enforceable...The Kulkens sold their Madonna pictures to us. We have a binding and enforceable agreement.”
A spokeswoman for Madonna said the rock star is “not even really sure” when and where the photos were taken.
She doesn’t feel that she’s done anything she’s ashamed of,” Liz Rosenberg said. “She has acknowledged many times that she posed nude for art classes. They probably were taken in her late teens while she was a student.”
Madonna, 26, catapulted to stardom with two hit albums in the past two years and a featured role in the comedy film, “Desperately Seeking Susan.” Her current hit single, “Into the Groove,” is from the film.
Her hits include “Like a Virgin” and “Crazy For You.” She briefly appeared nude as a rape victim in a low-budget thriller called “A Certain Sacrifice.”
Michael McKenzie, who wrote the biography “Madonna: Lucky Star,” said the nude scenes were tasteful and questioned. Guccione’s claim that the pictures he obtained are “fully explicit.”
Madonna is engaged to be married Aug. 16 to actor Sean Penn.

Source: The Bay City Times.

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