4.2 million people watched Madonna on 'The Graham Norton Show'

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4,2 millions de personnes ont regardé Madonna dans 'The Graham Norton Show'.

From The Sun Showbiz TV:

Madonna is guest right for Graham
Published: 16th January 2012

GRAHAM NORTON'S dream guest, Madonna, helped pull him in an extra million viewers for his BBC1 chat show.
An impressive 4.2million people tuned in to watch the superstar talk about her new film W.E. on Friday night.
The show usually bags just over 3million viewers.
And Graham couldn't stop raving about the singer afterwards.
He said: "Still high on Madonna love."
Jonathan Ross's Saturday night chat show, which featured actresses Emma Thompson and Brooke Shields, TV host Paddy McGuinness and Florence And The Machine, drew in 2.5million viewers.
Meanwhile, dating show Take Me Out pulled in 5million viewers despite The Sun last week revealing wannabes from the ITV1 show trashed a £4.5million mansion during a wild sex and booze party and that contestant Aaron Withers has been convicted of punching a woman.

4.2 million people watched Madonna on 'The Graham Norton Show'
Welcome guest ... Madonna on Graham Norton's chat show.

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