Abbie Cornish: Madonna contacted me via Skype for ''W.E.''

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Abbie Cornish: Madonna m'a contacté via Skype pour "W.E.".

Abbie Cornish: Madonna Contacted Abbie Cornish Via Skype!
Monday March 21, 2011

Abbie Cornish bagged a role in Madonna’s upcoming film W.E. via Skype!
The actress admits she was surprised to be talking to the Queen of Pop over the internet.
I’d never used Skype before, and I was sitting there on my mum’s computer setting up a Skype account,” Cornish said.
It was really surreal because I was meeting her — she was in New York — I just remember logging on and she’s so beautiful and — it’s Madonna, you know. It was kind of crazy.”
Cornish recently spoke about working with Robert De Niro on the set of new movie Limitless.
It was just the most amazing thing for me,” says Abbie. “Meeting him was like this fog for a moment.
I know it sounds silly but when I saw his face, all his characters and performances flashed before my eyes. Just like in a near death experience.
It was surreal and wonderful, and amazing.”

Source: Showbiz Spy.

Abbie Cornish: Madonna contacted me via Skype for ''W.E.''
Abbie Cornish

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