Adopt me! Madonna makes friends with cheeky boy

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Adopte-moi! Madonna devient amie avec le garçon effronté.

November 18, 2009

London - Having two adopted four-year-old children, you'd think Madonna would already have her hands full.
But during her visit to Brazil last week, one cheeky young local looked like he was hoping she would adopt him as well as he made himself known to the superstar.
A young boy who lived in Rio De Janeiro's Morro Dona Marta slum managed to sneak past her security entourage for a one-to-one with the star.
While Madonna's large security team looked unimpressed the boy had managed to reach his idol, the singer herself appeared charmed by the fair-haired youngster.
Madonna was walking down a staircase chatting to Rio's Governor Sergio Cabral when the boy climbed up to reach her.
The 51-year-old was seen laughing as the boy offered her services as a tour guide through the favelas.
Cabral said the singer was interested in helping the residents of the sprawling slum.
He said: "She will get to know some social projects; she is enchanted with Rio and wants to help."
The singer flew out of Brazil on Saturday afternoon after a five day trip with boyfriend Jesus Luz, who hails from the South American country.
She is currently setting up a new Brazilian children's charity Success for Kids and managed to secure a $7-million (about R49-million) donation from the country's richest man.
On Saturday morning, Madonna flew from Rio De Janeiro via helicopter to billionaire Eike Batista's lavish home on the island of Angra Dos Reis (Cove of Kings).
Madonna was invited to the father-of-two's estate on Saturday to further discuss their new project after Batista agreed to fund a large proportion of her latest charitable venture.
On Thursday, Madonna and Batista, 52, dined together with some of Brazil's most powerful men, including Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral and the city's Mayor Eduardo Paes.
Over dinner, Batista, who has an estimated $7,5-billion fortune, asked how much Madonna needed to set up her charity's initial projects.
After already raising $3-million earlier in the week, Madonna said she was aiming for a total of $10million, so Batista offered to make up the difference.
An emotional Madonna broke down in tears after Batista disclosed his generous offer. - Daily Mail

Source: Independent Online.

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