American Idol bosses list Madonna as top celeb judge

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Les patrons d'American Idol mettent Madonna dans le top des célébrités pour être juges.

American Idol bosses list Lindsay Lohan, Madonna and Justin Timberlake as top celeb judges
By 3am 26/05/2010

Lindsay Lohan, Madonna and Justin Timberlake are on a list of top celebs drawn up by bosses of American Idol, anxious to pep up the show once Simon Cowell leaves.
A source at Fox says: "American Idol was our top show and a lot of that had to do with the love-hate relationship between Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Then Paula left and now Simon's going, too.
"We want a regular explosive dynamic between the judges. Lindsay has music experience and an unpredictability." You can say that.

Source: Mirror.

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