Andrea Riseborough: Madonna cared for me

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Andrea Riseborough: Madonna faisait attention à moi.

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Andrea Riseborough: Madonna cared for me
added: 23 Jan 2012 // by: Cover

(Cover) - EN Movies - Andrea Riseborough has praised Madonna for caring for her while she filmed a “horrendousW.E. scene.
The British actress stars as Wallis Simpson in Madonna’s new directorial offering. The American divorcée won the heart of Britain’s King Edward VIII, leading to him abdicating the thrown to marry her in the 1930s.
Before meeting Edward in the drama, Wallis is in another two marriages – the first of which is an abusive one.
In one harrowing scene, Andrea is physically abused by her husband while bathing and he kicks her while she’s cowering on the floor. Madonna was supportive throughout filming.
Here’s the thing. I had a director who was caring for me in each moment of that scene. We’d prepared that scene, we’d prepared the way that the kick was going to happen, we knew the floor was going to be treacherously slippery and covered in water. The water had to be cold. We were doing it for maybe six hours, it was ice cold water. It was emotionally a horrendous thing to go through,” she told Cover Media.
Andrea has explained the personal connection between filming and feeling a character’s pain. The 30-year-old star says empathising with a character’s emotional plight is a powerful thing.
When you go through those moments, it actually feels that way,” she said. “You may not be feeling, well sometimes things go wrong and you do feel the kick, but you may not be feeling the physical pain of the kick. But you are doing the same thing over and over again for six hours with that same emotional feeling.
So you’re putting your body under an intense emotional and mental strain.”
W.E. is showing in UK cinemas now.

Andrea Riseborough: Madonna cared for me
Madonna and Andrea Riseborough at Goden Globes Awards on January 15, 2012.

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