''Arthur'' DVD with Madonna: A decent DVD to watch

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DVD "Arthur" avec Madonna: Un DVD décent à regarder.

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Mason Valley News - May 21 01:39am
Sevil Omer, Reno Gazette-Journal

Arthur and the Invisibles
Robert De Niro, Freddie Highmore, Mia Farrow, Madonna
2½ stars (out of 4)

"The Fifth Element's" director Luc Besson tries to pull off an A-list children's film by using an A-list cast, but falls short.
This film is loaded with star power. Consider the combined talent of Robert De Niro, Mia Farrow, Harvey Keitel and Chazz Palminteri hooking up with music/pop sensations Madonna, Snoop Dogg and David Bowie.
Even with this heavy-hitting cast, Besson's "Arthur and the Invisibles" plot is predictable and its special effects are just OK.
The plot begins to unravel when an adventurous grandfather mysteriously disappears and his grandson, Arthur (Freddie Highmore), rushes out to save the day. A greedy real estate developer comes to take his family's home away unless Arthur can raise enough money to save the home.
Luckily for Arthur, his grandfather has ancient clues to a treasure.
To save the homestead, Arthur must follow these ancient clues to find a treasure and unlock a secret passageway to a wonderful world filled with teeny, tiny people so small they are considered invisible. In this magical land, Arthur battles an evil wizard and joins the beautiful princess (Madonna) in the battle. Snoop Dog also makes his appearance, but its Highmore's innocence and stand-out talent that adds richness to the film.
This is a decent DVD to watch on a rainy summer day when the city pool is closed.
Source: Reno Gazette-Journal (rgj).

''Arthur'' DVD with Madonna: A decent DVD to watch
Betameche (Jimmy Fallon), Arthur (Freddie Highmore) and Princess Selenia (Madonna) appear in Arthur and the Invisibles. / publicity photo.

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