Artist Colette accuses Lady Gaga and Madonna of plagiarism

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L'artiste Colette accuse Lady Gaga et Madonna de plagiat.

From Artinfo:

Artist Colette Accuses Lady Gaga (and Madonna) of Plagiarism
by Ann Binlot
Published: January 5, 2012

NEW YORK — Lady Gaga has been accused of ripping off performance artist Leigh Bowery’s costumes, Madonna’s Jean Paul Gaultier bodysuit, and the late Isabella Blow’s outrageous hats. Now downtown New York multimedia artist Colette, who had her pieces shown at the Guggenheim and MOCA L.A. in the '90s, is saying the pop star appropriated her environment installations for the Boudoir window that’s part of Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys.
In any case, Colette’s not bitter. “I look at [Gaga] more as a daughter or a descendent than as an enemy or competitor,” she says. “I understand her. I respect her.” However, she does wish that the workshop producers went to her to create the Boudoir. “Lady Gaga for whatever reason did not call me to do that window,” said Colette. “I find that very sad. Maybe she knows me, maybe she doesn't. I cannot blame her. I wish she would get to know me. I think she would love what I do.”
This isn’t the first time a pop star has found inspiration in Colette’s work. The artist says Madonna lifted the sepia tones and her scantily-dressed style from her 1979 “Beautiful Dreamer” LP for 1984’s “Like a Virgin” cover, which was conceptualized by the stylist who worked with Fiorucci when Colette did a window display for the fashion brand in 1978.
Colette also claims her work caught the eye of a few legendary artists. The artist says that Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring were influenced by her street art. She even says she did transformation and self-portraits before Cindy Sherman. “I started what Cindy Sherman got credit for as well,” said Colette.
Speaking of Sherman and Madonna, Colette has an idea for how Lady Gaga could pay her back. “Maybe she could give me a show at the MoMA, the way Madonna did with Cindy Sherman,” Colette suggests. “Maybe she can sponsor that, and a catalogue, too. That would be a very honorable thing to do.”

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Artist Colette accuses Lady Gaga and Madonna of plagiarism

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