Belinda Carlisle Starved Herself To Look Like Madonna

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Belinda Carlisle s'est affamée pour ressembler à Madonna.

How Sick Is This? Belinda Carlisle Starved Herself To Look Like Madonna
Published:June 6th, 2010 10:35 EST
By Robert Paul Reyes

"SINGER BELINDA CARLISLE has told how jealousy of rival Madonna's lean physique sparked a devastating eating disorder.
Belinda, now 51, admitted she used to go on drastic diets trying to get a trim figure - then plunge into binges scoffing 6,000 calories a day
I can understand Belinda Carlisle being jealous of Madonna's marketing genius or her vocal prowess, but it makes no sense for any woman to envy Madonna's grotesque physique.
Muscular men  look macho and  healthy, muscular women look like circus freaks. With her wrinkled hands, and muscular arms Madonna looks like she escaped from the circus.
Unfortunately, Belinda isn't the only female who envies Madonna's lean physique, there are multitudes of women and girls who are starving themselves so that they can look like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.
These twits should realize that guys don't find women with legs like toothpicks attractive. If I want to practice arm wrestling I might give Madonna a call, but if I want to knock boots I'll hook up with a healthy Salma Hayek.
Ladies please admire Madge's iron will to succeed, but don't emulate her gross physique.

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Belinda Carlisle Starved Herself To Look Like Madonna
Belinda Carlisle

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