Best April Fools jokes: Madonna Has Maradona Child!

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Meilleures blagues du 1er Avril: Madonna a un enfant de Maradona!

Maradona impregnates Madonna, England replace Spain at Euro 2008 & the best ever April Fools Day football pranks looks back at some of the best April Fools jokes of times gone by...
By Salvatore Landolina
Apr 1, 2011 12:00:00 PM

It's that time of the year again when April Fools' Day generates weird, whacky and ultimately false headlines around the world's media as editors and readers have some fun, and football is usually what sources the biggest pranks. We look at some of the best from years gone by.

Maradona impregnates Madonna
The legendary Argentinian won fame and fortune at Napoli, and some believed he got more than he bargained for with famous singer Madonna in 1989. A TV station invented the story that the two were having a baby, but threats from the Camorra - the Naples Mafia - forced the broadcaster to apologise for the hoax soon after. Like a virgin...

Source: Goal.

April 1 - Madonna Has Maradona Child!
2009-04-01 15:49:20

In the late 1980’s two of the biggest stars of pop culture and their respective professions were soccer legend Diego Maradona and pop rocker Madonna and it was in 1989 on this day in soccer history that the world learned from a local Naples news station that the two were expecting a child together.
The pregnancy was the climax of secret romance between the two…OK, so you have figured out that it is April Fool’s day and that this was just a hoax on the part of the Naples television station but check out some other great April 1 soccer hoaxes in the past.
Some other great headlines have been Roberto Baggio attacks Marcelo Lippi (1999), Pele and the Orphanage (1988), Paul Newman buys Forest Green Rovers (1981), Johnny Rep dies in a helicopter crash (1977).

Source: soccer365.

Best April Fools jokes: Madonna Has Maradona Child!
Oh Baby | Diego and Madonna, sitting in a tree...

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