Britney Spears' Madonna moment on ''Glee''

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Le moment Madonna de Britney Spears dans "Glee".

Britney Spears recreates 'Me Against The Music' on 'Glee'
August 20, 2010 - Jarett Wieselman

By now you know that Britney Spears will be making a cameo in the September 28 episode of "Glee" titled "Britney/Brittany." What? You didn't? Oh ... how's that rock you've been living under?
In any case, the second season's second episode sees several of New Directions' kids making their annual trips to the dentist (played by John Stamos) and dreaming of the pop icon while under the influence of anesthesia. This leads to several drug-induced performances, which creator Ryan Murphy describes as "hallucinogenic."
Enter Britney.
Yesterday she tweeted a pic from the set of their "Me Against The Music" redux, which sees Spears stepping in for Madonna and Heather Morris, who plays everyone's favorite gay shark loving Cheerio, Brittany taking on her namesake's role.
"All my GLEEKERS in the crowd, Grab a partner take it down," Britney captioned the pic.
Britney's "Me Against The Music" moment isn't the first pic we've gotten from the set and it also isn't the first sign we've gotten as to what other songs "Glee" will cover in the episode.

Source: PopWrap/NYPOST.

Britney Spears' Madonna moment on ''Glee''

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