Christine Bleakley gives up gyming because she's getting Madonna arms

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Christine Bleakley abandonne la gym parce qu'elle a les bras de Madonna.

Christine Bleakley gives up gyming because she's getting 'Madonna arms'!

London, May 25 : Christine Bleakley has quit the gym because she is getting 'Madonna arms'.
The stunner, 31, did rigorous training in order to prepare herself for 22-mile water-ski across the Channel for Sport Relief.
And as a result her arms ended up muscular and veiny just like singer Madonna, 51, reports The Daily Star.
Speaking at the Bafta Craft Awards in London, the Northern Irish telly babe said: "I don't want to have Madonna arms so I am conscious about not doing more exercise.
"I put on nearly a stone in training for the water-skiing.
"I couldn't have done it without the training but my muscles were far too big and bulky afterwards.
"I haven't done any exercise since. I went to the gym yesterday for first time and spent most of the time on the phone to my sister."

Source: Newkerala/ANI.

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