Diva-gathering in Ipanema: Madonna and Beyonce

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Réunion de Divas à Ipanema: Madonna et Beyoncé.

Posted : Tue, 09 Feb 2010 23:22:18 GMT
By : dpa
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Rio de Janeiro - It's high season for divas in Rio's luxury hotel Fasano, on the beach at Ipanema, where fans are elbowing each other for the best glimpse of singing idols: Madonna and Beyonce. Madonna, the queen of pop, and Beyonce, the reigning queen of R&B, are staying at the same high profile address of Avenida Vieira Souto 88.
As if that weren't enough, US singer Alicia Keys, 29, has joined the diva invasion at the hotel - a salute to Rio's high flying carnival image among world entertainment personalities.
Beyonce, 28, is on concert tour and has already performed in Sao Paulo and Rio.
Madonna, 51, landed Tuesday to celebrate Carnival and see the legendary parade at the Sambodrome on the weekend.
On Wednesday, she plans a brief trip to Sao Paulo to meet with Governor Jose Serra and will discuss her social projects for favela children - the youngsters who live in the slums. She's also raising money for her projects.
"Madonna. I'm very curious," he said before the meeting.
Madonna travelled from Rio's airport with strong security, directly to Hotel Fasano, where she met her friend, the Brazilian male model Jesus, 23.
The hotel is one of Rio's most expensive, especially during Carnival. Five nights in the "Suite Deluxe Ocean Front" cost 39,400 dollars, including breakfast and a bottle of prosecco.
Madonna plans to spend a week visiting various favelas, including Rio's largest slum Rocinha.
Keys on Tuesday visited the favela Dona Marta wearing a light, white summery outfit. She filmed a video clip for her song Put It In A Love Song against the backdrop of ramshackle slum houses. This is the same favela where Michael Jackson filmed his hit, They Don't Care About Us.
According to media reports, Madonna and Beyonce planned to meet for dinner at some point.
When such an event could occur was not clear: Beyonce was expected Wednesday in the northeastern coastal city of Salvador, where she was to perform her final concert. She then plans to continue her tour in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Diva-gathering in Ipanema: Madonna and Beyonce

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