Everett: 'Everybody thinks they're Madonna's best friend, they're not'

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Everett: 'Ils pensent tous qu'ils sont le meilleur ami de Madonna, ils ne le sont pas'.

Drink? I think I'm becoming an alcoholic! Drugs? I worry what they've done to my brain...
Rupert Everett is as outrageous as ever
By David Wigg
Last updated at 11:19 PM on 29th July 2010

In his autobiography he said his friend Madonna could be 'like a whiney old barmaid'. Now she is an ex-friend.
He still doesn't see what all the fuss was about. 'I went over to her house and read the book to her. At the time she seemed fine about it. But she never reacts in front of anybody. It was only later on that I found the damage had been done.
'I thought I'd been very nice about Madonna. I think she's an amazing character. I was sweet about her in my book. I still admire her. But she's a saint now, she's beyond human contact. Her great friend told me a very clever thing: "Everybody thinks they're Madonna's best friend and they're not." '

Source: Mail Online.

Everett: 'Everybody thinks they're Madonna's best friend, they're not'
Brutally honest: Everett said he didn't regret writing about Madonna in his autobiography, despite the fact the pair are no longer friends.

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