Ewan McGregor, Vera Farmiga and Abbie Cornish in Madonna's 'W.E.'

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Ewan McGregor, Vera Farmiga et Abbie Cornish dans 'W.E.' de Madonna.

Ewan McGregor Joins Madonna's 'W.E.' Starring Vera Farmiga And Abbie Cornish
Posted by Simon Dang at 9:05 AM

Ewan McGregor has joined the talented cast of Madonna's upcoming dual-narrative drama, "W.E.".
McGregor will portray King Edward VIII in the film's period narrative which will follow his character's famous abdication of the throne in 1936 to marry American socialite and divorcee, Wallis Simpson, who will be played by Vera Farmiga.
Abbie Cornish will lead the contemporary parallel narrative, such as that in "Julie & Julia," and will play Wally Winthrop, a character who has romantic problems of her own as well as an obsession with the life of the aforementioned Duchess of Windsor, Simpson. Winthrop's adulterous romantic interest — a Russian security guard — is presumably yet to be cast though Madonna had been noted as completing that in the following weeks.
This will be Madonna's second directorial effort and proves to be a very interesting prospect. Despite her weak debut effort with "Filth And Wisom," the iconic pop star does have a stellar cast already assembled and an intriguing story to explore. How she puts it all together remains to be seen with the complexities of juggling the dual narratives in her and Alex Keshishian's script an obvious hurdle.
Shooting will take place in London this summer with stints in the South Of France and New York.

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Ewan McGregor, Vera Farmiga and Abbie Cornish in Madonna's 'W.E.'
Ewan McGregor, Vera Farmiga and Abbie Cornish

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