Ex-Mr Madonna Guy Ritchie in his grandad-style PJs

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L'ex-Mr Madonna Guy Ritchie dans ses pyjamas de grand-père.

Guy Ritchie waves off new girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley in his grandad-style PJs

A beautiful model, a fond farewell... but where DID Guy Ritchie get those grandad-style PJs?
By James Millbank
Last updated at 11:32 PM on 12th June 2010

He was once Mr Madonna and directed the super-cool film RocknRolla.
But when he waved off new girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley from his doorstep last week, Guy Ritchie was caught wearing pyjamas that haven’t been in vogue for decades.
The 41-year-old director gave passers-by a glimpse of a neatly pressed pair of blue-and-white striped ‘jimjams’ in fabric little seen outside the world of seaside deckchairs since the days of Andy Pandy.
The grandad-style outfit certainly served to reinforce the age gap between Mr Ritchie and Miss Ainsley, who is 13 years his junior.
Although he was still in night attire, it was nearly lunchtime when the model blew him a kiss outside his London mews house.
An onlooker said: ‘He seemed very happy and very pleased with himself as he said goodbye to the lady. It was well after noon when the two of them appeared, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun together.
‘They both started laughing when they realised they had been caught on camera and that Guy was still in his pyjamas. They seemed very much a couple.’
Mr Ritchie
and the Essex-born model – who has appeared in TV adverts for Lynx, Samsung and Virgin Atlantic – were first spotted together two months ago, walking arm-in-arm after leaving the Roka restaurant in London.
Miss Ainsley was certainly the more chic of the pair as she left Ritchie’s house wearing a blue summer dress and suede open-toed ankle boots.
She also wore a customised black bracelet bearing the words ‘I Want To Be The Girl With The Most Cake’ – a line from an old Courtney Love song, Doll Parts.
Ritchie, who also directed Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and the recent hit Sherlock Holmes, is staying at the London house while the two adjoining mansions he recently bought in the Fitzrovia area of town for £6million undergo a thorough renovation.
Ritchie also owns the 1,200-acre Wiltshire shooting estate Ashcombe and the Punchbowl pub in Mayfair, both of which he kept in his reputed £50million divorce settlement from Madonna.
Since their eight-year marriage ended in November, Ritchie has been seen with a number of glamorous women.
They include 21-year-old underwear model Michaela Kocianova, socialite Jemima Khan, 36, and 26-year-old actress Mellany Gandara, who appeared in Sherlock Holmes.
Meanwhile, Miss Ainsley – who also appeared in the opening credits of the Bond film Die Another Day – previously dated Pop Idol reject turned West End star Darius Danesh.
But she clearly seems happy with an older man...however antiquated his choice of nightwear.

Source: Mail Online.

Ex-Mr Madonna Guy Ritchie in his grandad-style PJs
Ex-Mr Madonna Guy Ritchie in his grandad-style PJs
Material guy: Guy Ritchie gives a glimpse of his idiosyncratic choice of nightwear as he bids farewell to model girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley...
Ex-Mr Madonna Guy Ritchie in his grandad-style PJs
...Errr, we've been caught: Ritchie laughs after spotting the paparazzi as Ainsley twirls for the cameras.
New love: Ainsley has been quietly dating the director since April.

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