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Carrière accélérée du petit ami de Madonna, Jesus Luz.

Posted : Wed, 19 May 2010 02:13:56 GMT
By : Helmut Reuter

Rio de Janeiro/New York - A model and a DJ as well as Madonna's boyfriend: the career of the handsome Brazilian Jesus Luz is fast evolving.
The youngster, only 23, lives in New York. However, he cruises from one part of the world to another - Moscow, Paris, Lisbon, Cannes, New York and, time and again, Rio de Janeiro - with great ease.
Braced by numerous international headlines, Luz, Portuguese for light, has seen his star and his market value rise higher and higher. This month, his first album is to be published by Warner Music, with the title, From Light.
Luz's luck changed radically in December 2008, when US pop icon Madonna, who had just divorced husband Guy Ritchie, arrived at the expensive five-star Copacabana Palace hotel.
Madonna, who was 50 at the time, met the then-21-year-old in the Sugarloaf Mountain city. The chemistry really worked, and the relationship appears to have proved its hold despite an age difference of around 30 years, and despite frequent rumours of splits, most recently in February.
The paparazzi have shown Madonna and Luz together in Rio's hot Carnival and at a rock concert, where a bare-chested Luz, wearing a hat, sits beside Madonna as the singer timidly lays her head on his shoulder.
The "Sunnyboy" is taking care of his rapidly-growing fan community, and uses almost all channels including MySpace, Youtube and Twitter to keep them up-to-date.
"Beautiful day in Lisbon," he tweeted last Saturday from Portugal, adding that he was on his way to London. By Monday, he was writing from the Côte d'Azur: "We have arrived in Cannes." There, he was DJ at the VIP room on the sidelines of the film festival.
Jesus Luz is living life on the fast track. And the man with curly, dark hair and brilliant blue eyes prefers both lanes.
"It's good to have two careers going on, modeling and DJing. I feel good," he told The New York Times late last year.
Luz - who attended a DJ school in New York - shines both on the mixing board as well as the runway.
The son of a Rio hairdresser was chosen by the Mash clothing firm to star in their 2010 advertising campaign in Brazil. The campaign targeted mostly women: Mash makes men's underwear, and the well- formed Luz wears only one piece of clothing in the video and still ads: boxer shorts.

Source: Earth Times News.

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