Father of Madonna's Mercy upset after missing meeting with daughter

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Le père de Mercy de Madonna ennuyé d'avoir manqué la rencontre avec sa fille.

London, April 8 : The biological father of Madonna's adopted daughter Mercy is said to be distraught after he reportedly missed the chance to see the child in his homeland Malawi.
Madonna, along with daughters Mercy and Lourdes, visited the African nation earlier this week to lay the first brick of her 10-million-pound Raising Malawi Academy for Girls.
According to reports, the singer was planning to reunite her four-year-old Malawian daughter with her real family during the trip, including her father James Kambewa.
However, Kambewa - who launched a legal bid last April (09) to regain custody of his daughter only to give up his fight two months later - moved to South Africa prior to the superstar's latest trip to Malawi to make a ‘better life’ for himself.
Kambewa, who is working as a security guard in a shopping mall, is saving his wages in the hope he can visit Mercy at Madonna's home in London.
However, he is upset after he reportedly missed out on a meeting with the tot and is still hoping to launch another legal battle against the Queen of Pop in a bid to win his daughter back - but only when he can afford a lawyer.
"Now I am in South Africa I can earn far more. I hope to use the money to help me be a proper dad to Mercy. Now I am saving my money. I could save up and fly to London to visit Mercy, if her new mother would allow me to. I know planes cost a lot of money but I am desperate to see my girl,” the Daily Star quoted him as telling the Daily Mirror newspaper.
"It is so hard for me not to be in Malawi when my daughter is there but I needed to leave my home country to start a better life. It's a year now since Madonna took my baby but every day my heart cries out for Mercy. I know she is living a life of wealth but she is my child. I still hope one day to see her. It is nonsense to say I left Malawi because I was in trouble. It was to make a better life.
"Perhaps one day I can employ a lawyer who will take this into a court. I'd like to challenge Madonna's right to have my baby. I am still her father, even though she has had Mercy for one year now," he added.

Source: Newkerala/ANI.

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