''Glee'' Madonna Episode likely to be submitted to the Emmys

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L'épisode Madonna de "Glee" probablement soumis aux Emmys.

"Glee" Pilot and Madonna Episode Will Likely Be Submitted to the Emmys
Thomas Peter

As the July 8 announcement of the Emmy nominations approaches, the question becomes: What episodes will “Glee” (or any of its competition) submit to be considered in the various categories?
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the plan is for the show’s producers to submit the pilot and “The Power of Madonna,” the episode-long tribute to Madonna’s music. The pilot started the “Glee” phenomenon when it aired May 19, 2009. The Madonna episode, the second in the spring half of the series’ first season, aired April 20.
Individual episodes of series are submitted to the Emmy nominators at the discretion of the members of the show’s production team, based on the category in which they compete (producers submit episodes for the top categories, actors submit episodes they feel contain their best work, etc.).
The nominations will be read July 8. The awards will be handed out Aug. 29.

Source: Playbill.

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