''Glee The Music: The Power of Madonna'': Review by EW

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"Glee The Music: The Power of Madonna": Revue de EW.

Music Review
Glee The Music: The Power of Madonna (2010)
Reviewed by Mikael Wood | Apr 14, 2010

Release Date: Apr 20, 2010; Genre: Pop
Originally posted Apr 14, 2010 Published in issue #1099-1100

We've learned not to doubt the Glee kids around here, but we'll admit we were worried when we found out that Madonna's lame ''4 Minutes'' was set for inclusion on this all-Madge mini-album The Power of Glee (due in stores April 27). Our bad: Kurt and Mercedes rip it up! Elsewhere, Sue hilariously revises the spoken-word bit on ''Vogue,'' and the Glee guys give a surprisingly tender reading of ''What It Feels Like for a Girl.'' Go ahead — open your heart. A

Download These:
Sue's delicious deadpan Vogue at myspace.com
A zippy Borderline/Open Your Heart mash-up at youtube.com

Source: EW (Entertainment Weekly).

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