Guy Ritchie pictured with Madonna look-a-like

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Guy Ritchie photographié avec un sosie de Madonna.

Amy Duncan - 22nd April, 2010

Guy Ritchie might have split from Madonna two years ago but he’s now dating a Madge look-a-like implying he’s not quite over his ex.
Either that or pretty, slim blondes are exactly his type.
The director and his new leggy lady, Jacqui Ainsley, were spotted leaving London restaurant Roka earlier this week and looking every inch the happy couple as they walked arm-in-arm.
It seems both Ritchie, 41, and Madge, 51, have a thing for the younger ones as Ainsley is just 28-years-old much like the Material Girl’s toy boy Jesus Luz who is just 23-years-old.
However, it is her eerily similar looks that have got gossips talking.
Not only does Ainsley have the same colour hair, same height and same slim figure, she also has a similar jaw line to Madonna, nose shape and eyes – even her hair is parted in the same way.

Source: Metro UK.

Guy Ritchie pictured with Madonna look-a-like
Blonde bombshells: Which one is Madonna?

Guy Ritchie pictured with Madonna look-a-like
It looks as though Guy Ritchie is now dating Madonna look-a-likes...

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