Hair Talk, Madonna's brand of hair extensions in her Hard Candy Tour

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Hair Talk, la marque d'extensions de cheveux de Madonna de sa tournée Hard Candy.

Let style go to your head
By Stefanie Cabal
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Date: First Posted 22:05:00 04/17/2010

Gorgeous hair minus the long wait and awkward hair growth
CHANGE YOUR HAIRSTYLE AS often as you change your mind,” urges Tokyo Posh proprietress Denise Aquino, who is bringing German hair brand Hair Talk to local shores this June, the brand of hair extensions Madonna used in her Hard Candy Tour.
While studying in Bunka Fashion College in Japan, Aquino discovered hair extensions in the streets of Harajuku. She noticed girls were bold enough to try on different kawaii hairstyles. They would change hairstyles every so often as they would change their phone accessory or even their handbags. And Denise wanted Filipinas to do the same. “Change your hair, as often as you change your clothes, if you must!” she stressed.
With the right contacts in Japan and HK, she was able to serendipitously find the supplier of Hair Talk and was able to get the license to distribute it. It was too good a product for Denise to pass up, and she just wants to share with everyone her latest discovery.
When I was studying in Japan, I cut my hair really short and dyed it black because of cultural stigma they had on Filipinas, and now I miss my long hair!” she says, sporting a long wavy hairstyle, which surprisingly are hair extensions.

Hair barely-there
One wouldn’t even notice that she was wearing one. It wasn’t bulky or heavy, it fits her crown to a T, like it was her own locks. “You can touch it and feel it,” she dares me to touch her hair. So I did. It seemed seamless, like the hair extensions weren’t even there.
Hair Talk’s patent technology has allowed the makers of the hair extensions to reduce grueling salon hours (five hours to half a day in the salon) to only 30 minutes, by using a sticker-like adhesive on your head.
As opposed to the conventional hair extensions, this type of extensions doesn’t have uncomfortable metal balls, thus reducing sleepless nights. Nor is it clip-in tresses that are susceptible to bulking and falling. Boyfriends will not even notice your secret hair when he runs his fingers through your locks.
Denise road-tested Hair Talk extensions on the beach. It created wonders for her. After tugging and pulling, the extensions wouldn’t come off. That’s how strong the adhesive works, and yet it doesn’t leave your hair damaged once you decide to take it out.

Hollywood-ready hair
Imagine being able to have luscious tresses you’ve always dreamed of (Madonna, Beyonce, Giselle). Now gorgeous hair is just minutes away from becoming a reality, minus the long wait and awkward hair growth. You can now easily add from 12 to 14 inches of hair in an instant!
Hair Talk comes in a wide array of colors and different textures that will blend quite well with your real locks. Denise says that the fast-selling ones are Indian style, a bit wavy and Chinese style, long and straight.
And since hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair, you can easily highlight, use hair dye just like what you’d do on real hair, whenever you please. It can also be washed, permed, straightened, blow-dried, cut and even styled.
For summer, Denise recommends to sport, “airy, breezy, tousled, very light looks.” The trends are hair that was styled, but looks un-styled. And if you can’t commit to a certain look or length, Denise tells us not to worry, hair extensions are the perfect solution to that.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Hair Talk, Madonna's brand of hair extensions in her Hard Candy Tour

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