Howard Stern: Lady Gaga HBO special is a Madonna Truth or Dare rip off

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Howard Stern: Le spécial HBO de Lady Gaga est une reprise de 'Truth or Dare' de Madonna.

Howard Stern: Lady Gaga HBO special is a 'Madonna Truth or Dare' rip off

May 9th, 2011 5:14 pm ET
By Liz Brown
Howard Stern Examiner

Howard Stern says Lady Gaga's new HBO special is a straight up rip off of Madonna's 1991 concert documentary 'Truth or Dare'.
Stern featured clips of 'Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden' during Monday morning's Howard Stern Show, ridiculing the world's most popular pop star for her lack of originality.
"You could almost take the dialogue straight from the Madonna movie Truth or Dare," said Stern while playing a clip of Lady Gaga sobbing backstage in front of the makeup mirror, talking about her fear of letting down her fans. "You can tell as a little girl she watched that Madonna movie and just wanted to be Madonna...She's crying into the make up mirror and it's in black and white just like Truth or Dare'."
Madonna's 1991 'Truth or Dare' featured a memorable scene from her Blonde Ambition tour during which she weeps about the prospect of letting down fans in her home town of Detroit.
Lady Gaga has been fighting comparisons to Madonna since the release of the title track off her new album 'Born This Way' was quickly characterized as a rip off of Madonna's 'Express Yourself'.
Stern also called Lady Gaga "insanely boring," "dopey" and "a complete f***ing idiot".

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Howard Stern: Lady Gaga HBO special is a Madonna Truth or Dare rip off

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