Interview with Madonna by - January 31, 2012

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Interview de Madonna par - 31 janvier 2012.


Interviews: Madonna and Andrea Riseborough on W.E.
Source: Edward Douglas
January 31, 2012

For nearly thirty years, Madonna has been treated like royalty in the world of popular music, which may be one reason it wasn't too surprising when she decided to tackle the life of royalty in her second movie as a director, W.E..
The initials stand for "Wallis" and "Edward," the latter being the temporary King of England who was forced to abdicate the throne in 1936 when he refused to break things off with his divorced American sweetheart, Wallis Simpson. Some Americans may already be familiar with this story from its inclusion in last year's Oscar winner The King's Speech. In Madonna's movie, Simpson is played by rising star Andrea Riseborough, and her story is seen through the admiring eyes of a modern-day New Yorker, Abbie Cornish's Wally Winthrop, who turns to Wallis for strength to help her get through an abusive marriage.
The film shows a lot of growth for Madonna as a filmmaker from her previous Filth and Wisdom and back in December, had a rare opportunity to be in the same room with Madonna and ask her some questions about the movie.
But before we get to that, we also had an exclusive interview with the film's star, Andrea Riseborough, who has become one of Britain's rising stars in the last two years. (Note: We spoke to her before it was announced that she would be in Joseph Kosinski's Horizons with Tom Cruise, in case you were wondering.)

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Interviews: Madonna and Andrea Riseborough on W.E.


Interview with Madonna by - January 31, 2012

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