Kelly Osbourne: Madonna is a great mother

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Kelly Osbourne: Madonna est une mère super.

Cover Media – Wed, Apr 20, 2011 9:00 AM PHT

Kelly Osbourne has praised Madonna for raising a “smart and polite” daughter.
The TV star models for the iconic musician’s Material Girl clothing line, which Madonna designs with her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes.
Kelly and her mother Sharon Osbourne were recently interviewed by Piers Morgan, who quizzed the young star about working with Madonna. Kelly insists Lourdes is just like any other teenager and she was impressed with how she’s been raised.
Well I have to say that Lourdes is one of the most well-rounded, polite, smart, well-educated girls I’ve ever met in my life… ever. And incredibly normal,” Kelly said.
Yes [she’s well brought up]. [Madonna’s] a really good mum, from what I can see.”
Piers annoyed Kelly by questioning Madonna’s decision to work with her daughter. He accused her of thrusting the teen into the limelight for her own gain, something Kelly vehemently denied.
I have to stop you right there and let you know something. This is because Lourdes wanted it, not Madonna,” she fumed.
Lourdes went to school the day of the photoshoot. She went to school and didn’t come to the shoot ’till after she was done with school. I think for Madonna, from what I gathered from the short time I spent with her… Her daughter goes to school, that comes first and then everything else is after.”
Kelly explained she felt honoured to be asked to front the clothing line as she is such a fan of the legendary singer. The 26-year-old has loved her since she was a child and still looks up to her now.
I wanted to be Madonna when I was little… the curly hair, wear tons of bracelets… I loved her whole look. I don’t know, she was such an icon and still is to me,” she explained.

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Kelly Osbourne: Madonna is a great mother
Kelly Osbourne

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