Lady GaGa Hints at Madonna Collaboration

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Lady GaGa laisse entendre une collaboration avec Madonna.

Nov 02 2009. Posted by Adam

COULD Lady GaGa be about to team up with Madonna?
The Poker Face hitmaker says she struck up a friendship with the Holiday singer and her teen daughter Lourdes — and is hoping to work with the Queen of Pop in the near future.
Madonna is great. And I guess I could say we are friends,” says Gaga. “I love her daughter Lourdes.
She is such a lovely young girl. She came to my show with her mom and we got along famously. We got along fine and we did the skit together on SNL and helped the writers. So who knows?
GaGa, 23, recently recorded a collaboration with American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.
Meanwhile, GaGa has insisted she’s still friends with rapper Kanye West — despite the fact they scrapped their joint Fame Kills tour.
I didn’t drop Kanye — Kanye and I are friends. We’re still friends,” she said. “When you’re really friends with somebody, you can make difficult decisions, and we made a very difficult decision.
It was hard on both of us. When we were talking, I said, ‘Even though this isn’t happening right now, I’m going to still go out on the road.
And he said, ‘Great, I support you.’ And he’s been very supportive.”
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Lady GaGa Hints at Madonna Collaboration
Lady Gaga

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