Lady Gaga's ''Born This Way'' producer on Madonna

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Le producteur de "Born This Way" de Lady Gaga au sujet de Madonna.

From DJ WHITE SHADOW on Twitter:
@DJWS iPhone: 21.113464,-86.760483
I am DJWS. I am always working to create, or seek out and expose meaningful things. I heart art. I recently produced the album Born This Way with Lady Gaga.

And obviously: someone should take there old lady meds before they are allowed to talk in public. No memories having motherfucker.
14 Janv!/DJWS/status/158319843152629760

1. I challenge any of you to type on an iPhone and not make a spelling error. 2. I just say what I feel, what I know is the truth.
15 Janv

3. No reason to make threats of violence. I can clearly hold my own if you would like to meet in public, but it is not that serious.
15 Janv

4. I obviously do not hate Madonna, or belittle her talent or achievements, however, if she thinks we stole a song from her she is wrong.
15 Janv!/DJWS/status/158335331207364608

5. If you don't like what I have to say, unfollow me. Fuck off.
15 Janv

Lady Gaga's ''Born This Way'' producer on Madonna
Lady Gaga's ''Born This Way'' producer on Madonna

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