Lady Gaga's ''Born This Way'': She should pay Madonna royalties

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"Born This Way" de Lady Gaga: Elle devrait payer des royalties à Madonna.

MAJOR MINOR: Madonna's disco era revisited
Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 7:08 pm | Updated: 7:14 pm, Wed Jun 1, 2011.
Posted on June 1, 2011
by John Petric

And in the fourth decade of our lord Madonna's rule on earth, there sprang forth from her armpit a monster: the self-proclaimed and self-obsessed Lady Gaga.
As a talentless spawn of the stylistically brilliant Madonna, she's based her career on biting the retractable tit that suckled her. That tit being, tellingly, Madonna's straight-up and somewhat short-lived disco era. In other words, the worst Madonna period and her most easily lifted patch of hits.
Full disclosure: I've quite liked Madonna, from time to time. I even took my dear sweet ol' mammy to see her perform in Cleveland. What a time. Point being, Madonna knew how to write songs that appealed to everybody, not just the sexually anxious.
In contrast, on her new album Born This Way, Lady Jerk-Off gives us unclever skimmed milk. Song after song of hard-hitting Euro-weenie disco, with loads of Madonna-esque vocal breaks and aerobic choruses, remind us that Googoo is a tad light in the originality department. But then again, when hasn't she repackaged watered-down Madonna?
In concert, Gaga blows, too. Visually, she apes Marilyn Manson's subtle-as-a-flying-mallet look and employs a number of variations of The Wizard of Oz's flying monkey costumes. Between her songs, though, she verbally carries on her undeclared war against the alleged oppressiveness of society, her delivery of sexual propaganda and left-wing sexual fascism more than a little tinged with the vicious hatefulness of Sam Kinison. How uniting.
Passion? Pah! Dogma? Like, totally, man.
But let's get back to the album. Born This Way is out, and the verdict is in. Lady Gage is sentenced to be banished immediately and with extreme prejudice. Here's a track-by-track rundown of her offenses:

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Lady Gaga's ''Born This Way'': She should pay Madonna royalties

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