Liz Smith on Madonna and Lady Gaga

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Liz Smith sur Madonna et Lady Gaga.

Must we do ’80s again?
By Liz Smith
June 23, 2010, 6:29 AM

The biggest star in the music world right now worships at the altar of the late Warhol and early Madonna, and she will have the biggest tour of the summer precisely because everything about her is so disposable and phony. She is so eighties.”
That’s Stephen March writing of Lady Gaga in the new issue of Esquire. The author offers a blistering two-page essay—“Why the Hell are we Back in the Eighties?” He writes, “The music was brittle. The clothes were ugly. The art was nasty. Sex was AIDS and drugs were crack.”
March also notes: In politics too, there’s an eighties craze, driven by both Barack Obama and the people who would see him fail. The president is as much a party to nostalgia as anyone—throughout his campaign he repeatedly praised the man—Ronald Reagan— whose legacy he is currently dismantling ... when he is not posing as Reagan, Obama is claiming, through a thousand small gestures, that he is the reincarnation of Lincoln.
And the tea partiers claim they’re the only true inheritors of the revolutionary fathers when they’re really nihilists, against everything and for nothing.”
Speaking of Lady Gaga, if she is the Madonna-clone so many insist, then it is time for a little “reinvention.”
This is the word that just about became the dictionary definition of Madonna. It’s time to dress like a human in public Gaga; the freak shtick is old already. Two years into her fame, Madonna had already tossed out the leggings and midriff tops and lacy socks. She presented a new image and sound.

Source: The Buffalo News.

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