Lourdes The 'Creative Force' Of Material Girl

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Lourdes, la 'force créatrice' de Material Girl.

26 July 2010 16:30:03

Madonna's daughter Lourdes is ''100 per cent the creative force'' of clothing range Material Girl, her father Carlos Leon has revealed.
Lourdes is the "creative force" behind Madonna's Material Girl clothing range.
The 13 year old - the daughter of Madonna and personal trainer Carlos Leon - is "100 per cent" behind the children's clothing brand, her father has revealed.
Carlos said: "She's 100 per cent the creative force of Material Girl. She knew exactly what she wanted.
"She's a trendsetter that draws from all different things to put together a look. She's into different cultures and brings that into her style."
The Cuban-born personal trainer also believes Lourdes takes inspiration for the range - which is sold at US store Macy's and modelled by Taylor Momsen - from his background and her mother's.
He told the New York Post: "She gets to travel around the world and experience different cultures. I think she takes a little bit from each culture, myself and, of course, her mother and makes it her own.
"She's very creative in that way - putting colours together and stuff I would never even think about. She has that natural ability."
The clothing range, which includes jewellery and accessories, goes on sale on August 3.

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Lourdes The 'Creative Force' Of Material Girl

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