Madonna and Guy Ritchie to reunite again to watch ''Sherlock Holmes''

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Madonna et Guy Ritchie vont encore se réunir pour voir "Sherlock Holmes".

MTV News | Madge and Guy Reunite
Are The Pair Rekindling Their Love?
Dec 27, 2009
Sarah Louise James

Madonna was reunited with ex-hubby Guy Ritchie on Christmas day - but we're informed it was purely platonic.
The Queen Of Pop jetted into the UK on Christmas Eve with the kiddies to spend the day at Ritchie's posh country home, Ashcombe House.
And Guy had a real treat in store for Rocco, David, Mercy James and Lourdes - he had transformed his grand pad into a winter wonderland.
A source told the UK's Mail On Sunday: “Madonna [flew] in for 24 hours so Guy [could] spend Christmas Day with the children.
"Things are amicable between them and the children love Christmas at Ashcombe House in Wiltshire, which Guy has turned into a Santa’s grotto.”
And looks like Madge and Guy will reunite again very soon to take the family to see Ritchie's new movie, 'Sherlock Holmes'.
Guy admitted his brood hadn't seen any of his gangster flicks because, “I don’t want them being conspicuously exposed to bad language,” but that Sherlock Holmes is "something the whole family could enjoy.”
Wonder if the invite extends to Madge's toyboy, Jesus... .

Source: MTV Australia/VH1 Australia.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie to reunite again to watch ''Sherlock Holmes''

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