Madonna banned from Piers Morgan TV series

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Madonna bannie de la série TV de Piers Morgan.

13th September 2010
By Katie Begley

Chat show king Piers Morgan has banned Madonna from his new telly series, the Daily Star can reveal.
The Britain’s Got Talent judge confirmed last week he is taking over Larry King’s US talk show.
But former newspaper editor Piers, 45, has already given bosses a list of stars he refuses to grill.
And pop queen Madge, 52, is top of the list after Piers criticised her charity work as a publicity stunt.
Instead he wants to line up US President Barack Obama, 49, to launch his new series. Piers’s close pal and fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden, 39, revealed his secret plan to take over the chat show world yesterday.
She explained: “He’ll be interviewing some of the biggest names in the world.
He told me he’d love to have President Obama as his first guest and definitely doesn’t want Madonna. They’re not exactly best friends!
Piers has revealed why he thinks he is so good at the job.
He said: “I never go into a room thinking I’m intellectually inferior to anyone.”

Source: Daily Star.

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