Madonna 'bored' by Sir Paul McCartney

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Madonna 'ennuyée' par Sir Paul McCartney.

Although, at 51, Madonna is closer in age to Sir Paul McCartney, 67, than most pop stars, she doesn't seem to think much of his low-octane performance style.
Tim Walker
Published: 9:58PM BST 15 Oct 2009

"People have told me, 'you could just go out there and play guitar and sing your songs like Paul McCartney', but I'd be too bored," she says.
"Most of the joy of the shows is the magic of creating them: theatre. I'm a perfectionist. I like hard work. I like to sweat."
The singer says her world tour, which ended last month, was crucial during her divorce from Guy Ritchie, with whom she has a son, Rocco, nine: "I think work saved me and I'm grateful that I had work to do. I may have thrown myself off a building."

Source: Daily Telegraph.

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