Madonna charity catches FBI's eye

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La charité de Madonna attire l'attention du FBI.

Another well-funded charity boosted by Madonna is facing scrutiny - this time from the FBI.
Madonna charity Success For Kids caught attention of FBI: Report
By Nina Mandell
Sunday, April 3rd 2011, 1:36 PM

Another well-funded charity boosted by Madonna is facing scrutiny – this time from the FBI.
The FBI has been poking around "several irregularities and suspicious activities" of the Material Girl's nonprofit Success For Kids, The Daily reported on Sunday.
The nonprofit, which was founded in 2001, describes itself as "the largest international social emotional learning organization in the world," and has offices in 8 countries, including Malawi, where another one of Madge's charities has fallen on tough times.
The nonprofit provides teacher training, a children's program that encourages emotional development, curriculum development and mentoring.
It claims on its website it has reached more than 60,000 kids around the world and had a total revenue of $5.7 million in 2009, according to Charity Navigator.
While that website, which evaluates the effectiveness of charities based on their efficiency and capacity, rated the charity three out of four stars, its president pointed out to the Daily that an FBI investigation is probably not a good sign – especially coming on the heels of other reports of irregularities in the pop star's charities.
The organization has not been officially notified of an investigation.
The latest scandal comes only days after it was revealed that millions had disappeared from Madonna's charity Raising Malawi and a school which collected around $18 million in donations would not be built. The organization also reportedly provided staff members with expensive golf course memberships and other wasteful expenses.

Source: New York Daily News.

Madonna charity catches FBI's eye

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