Madonna ''furious'' over official warning after karaoke party

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Madonna "furieuse" de l'avertissement officiel après la fête de karaoké.

Madonna faces £5k noise fine after karaoke party at her London house
By Danielle Gusmaroli 20/07/2010

Madonna has been threatened with a £5,000 fine after a raucous party at her London home led to angry complaints from neighbours.
The Material Girl was said to be "furious" over the official warning which told her she will be hit with the bill if there is a second disturbance.
Staff at her Marylebone home in central London hosted a karaoke party with friends and turned up the volume while the singer was away.
But as the booze and music flowed, angry neighbours complained that their peaceful Sunday afternoon had been spoiled and called Westminster Council noise pollution teams.
Enforcement officers arrived half an hour later at 2pm and ruled the music blaring from inside was a "statutory nuisance".
They spoke to revellers through the intercom and ordered them to turn down the volume.
Staff refused to let them in and told them the owner was away.
They then issued a noise abatement order through the letter box.
The following day officers handed staff another notice addressed to "the owner". One neighbour said: "It was just boom, boom, boom all afternoon.
"There was a lot of singing but in the end it was so bad we were forced to call Westminster Council. The chances are it would have gone on all day otherwise." A source close to the 51-yearold said: "Madonna likes a good party like anyone else but she is respectful of her neighbours and doesn't like to upset anyone. She was absolutely furious when she found out."
A council spokesman said: "In order to deal with the matter, a notice was served by posting it through the box at the premises.
"The notice was addressed to the owner or occupier at the address ordering that the noise be stopped - which it was.
"Any further offence could see Madonna landed with a £5,000 fine."
Councillor Ed Argar, cabinet member for city management, added: "If people want to hold a party, regardless of the time of day or night, they need to show some common courtesy to their neighbours, who should not have to pay the price for others' selfish behaviour."
Madonna bought the eight-bedroom Marylebone property for £7million when she was still married to former husband, film director Guy Ritchie.
The couple, who lived there with children Lourdes, now 13, and Rocco, nine, thought that the area was one of the best in London and house prices were likely to rocket.
They were so convinced they then spent another £6million buying the 10-bedroom property next door - their sixth London home.
A spokeswoman for Madonna refused to comment on the karaoke party yesterday.

Source: Mirror.

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