Madonna goes incognito, riding the subway in Manhattan

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Madonna se rend incognito dans le métro de Manhattan.

Madonna subway secret
Star rides undercover (& over-covered)
Last Updated: 9:05 AM, September 9, 2010
Posted: 2:18 AM, September 9, 2010

Who's that girl?
Used to causing a commotion wherever she goes, here's a totally incognito Madonna -- sans makeup, boy toy, kids or fans -- on a rare foray in the subway, hanging with sweaty riders who all but ignored the dressed-down Material Girl on a schlep downtown.
Sipping on a San Pellegrino Limonata soda and ridiculously overdressed for the hellishly hot underground in a jacket, scarf and baseball cap, Madge was joined Tuesday by two men and a young woman who helped her blend in with the hoi polloi.
"I don't mind you taking my photo, but be discreet," she told a lensman who spotted the 52-year-old Material Girl at the F-train station beneath 57th Street and Sixth Avenue.
No warning needed.
At a train change in SoHo, one teenage boy sauntered up to a stranger on the platform and asked, "Who's that?"
Getting no answer, the teen then walked nearer to the star, stared, circled around to the back of her buff behind -- and then gave up, wandering away puzzled.
Madonna and her pals ended their ride at a downtown station, where they were met by the exercise-loving mom of three's beefy driver-bodyguard. They then stopped at a bodega to buy beverages, a source said.
"Oh, that was Madonna?" the store owner sputtered after the visitors left. "I thought it could have been her, but I wasn't sure."
Madonna reportedly has been shooting a film in London and Paris titled "W.E.," centering around the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, juxtaposed with a modern American couple.
Madge's boy toy, Jesus Luz, missed the great subway adventure. He was in his native Brazil, The Daily Mail reported.

Source: NYPOST.

Madonna Shuns Superstardom For Subway
09 September 2010 12:18

Madonna snubbed her superstar lifestyle on Tuesday (07Sep10) to ride incognito on the New York subway.
The Material Girl is usually accompanied by a huge entourage and is whisked around in limousines but decided to downplay her celebrity status with a humble journey into downtown New York.
The singer stood for her train ride and was only accompanied by two men and one woman.
And she managed to remain unnoticed until fellow commuters spotted a photographer taking snaps of the star, to which the unfazed Holiday hitmaker quipped, "I don't mind you taking my photo, but be discreet."

Source: Contactmusic News.

Madonna goes incognito, riding the subway in Manhattan

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