Madonna Gone To Brazil To See Her Toy Boy

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Madonna partie au Brésil pour voir son garçon jouet.

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Madonna has flown to Brazil to be with her toy boy lover.
The pop star arrived at Rio de Janeiro airport last night, and was met at the gate by 23-year-old underwear model Jesus Luz. Jesus took the 51-year-old star back to her hotel, where she quickly changed before they went to dinner at lavish restaurant Barra da Tijuca. While the couple stared into each other’s eyes and held hands over the table, the street outside the eatery was mobbed by fans desperate to catch a glimpse of the star. Police ended up having to close the street because the crowds were getting so intense.
It was chaos,” an onlooker said. “Cops lined the street outside to stop anyone ruining their romantic meal. They were chatting intently to each other and the owner of the restaurant.”
Madonna and Jesus have been dating since January 2009. Last week, it was rumoured they had split after realising they had nothing in common, but their recent public show of affection has quashing break-up rumours.

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Madonna and Jesus reunite in Brazil
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Madonna has silenced rumors of a split from her boyfriend Jesus Luz by jetting to Brazil for a romantic vacation with him just days after they were reported to have parted ways.
The Material Girl, 51, has been dating the young model since December 2008 when they met at a W magazine photoshoot weeks before her divorce from director Guy Ritchie was finalized.
But last week the couple was reported to have split after Luz flew back to his native Brazil, with sources blaming the 23-year age gap for the pair's problems.
Madonna has now flown into Rio de Janeiro and was photographed enjoying a romantic meal with her lover on Wednesday night at the Botticella restaurant in Largo da Barra, brushing off rumors of a break-up.
The couple is reportedly planning to enjoy the city's famous carnival this weekend, while Madonna has also scheduled meetings with politicians in the country to drum up support for her Success for Kids charity, according to British newspaper the Daily Mail.

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