Madonna Has 'No Idea What Glee Is'

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Madonna n'a 'aucune idée de ce qu'est Glee'.

By MusicRooms

Madonna doesn’t have a TV and has no idea what Glee is,” a friend of the superstar has admitted, a week before an episode of the hit TV show dedicated to the Material Girl’s songs goes to air in the US.
It has also been revealed the 51-year-old turned down the opportunity to be a special guest star.
"The show did ask her if she wanted to make an appearance in the much-hyped Madonna episode. She said 'no thanks' and, to be honest, she would rather they sing an Elton John song than butcher one of hers," the friend told PopEater.
Despite Madonna claiming to have no idea what Glee is, she is reportedly set to rake in $100,000 in royalties for songs performed in the episode.

Source: MusicRooms.

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