Madonna has solution injected into her hands

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Madonna a une solution injectée dans ses mains.

Madonna has solution injected into her aging 'granny' hands
EXCLUSIVE by Dean Piper, Showbiz Editor 4/07/2010

For Madonna it is ­essential to retain her age-defying fit and ­youthful looks.
And I hear the 51-year-old Queen of Pop has started work on the toughest part of her body – those dreaded Granny hands.
Yes, the Material Girl is seeking help from her ­dermatologist Dr Fredric Brandt to combat her pop-out veiny mitts – and until then she’s doing her utmost to make sure they stay hidden from prying lenses.
My mole in the Madonna camp tells me: “She’s managed to work wonders with her face over the past few years thanks to Dr. Brandt, but hands have always been the big age giveaway.
Madonna hates the appearance of her hands and says they are too “old lady”.
So far Dr Brandt is talking to Madge about chemical peels, intense ­sessions of ­microdermabrasion, injectable fillers and ­scierotherapy.
But according to my sources she’s already had the ­scierotherapy – when a solution is ­injected into a vein causing it to turn white and ­gradually disappear – and a round of fillers costing an estimated £2,000. And apparently she’s thrilled with the results.
My mole adds: “She can’t channel Michael Jackson and wear gloves everywhere.
That’s ridiculous, so she’s taking matters into her own, erm, hands. I’ve been told the hands are off limits to be shown in public. You wait and see. She won’t be photographed for ages with her hands on show.”
And they were right! Snapped at London’s Heathrow airport she sported gloves and at the Lawnfest Fundraiser with Mohamed Al Fayed last month she kept her hands in her pocket.
Then at Aura nightclub in mid-June she had leather mittens on and at Diane Von Furstenberg’s dinner on June 23 she turned up with ridiculously huge cuffs on a white shirt. Bizarre.
I look forward to seeing the newly rejuvenated hands soon! Over to you, Madge!

Source: Sunday Mirror.

Madonna has solution injected into her hands
Madonna has solution injected into her hands

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