Madonna: ''I'm a proud cougar''

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Madonna: "Je suis un cougar fier".

Madonna touches down in Brazil to meet Jesus' mother (who's 14 years younger than her...)
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:53 PM on 10th November 2009

A nervous Madonna touched down in Rio de Janeiro today as she prepared to meet her toyboy Jesus Luz's family.
The 51-year-old pop star, who flew in via private jet, is said to be 'slightly on edge' about the introduction.
Not least of all because his mother, Cristiane Regina da Silva, is 14 years younger than the pop star.
The hairdresser, who had Jesus when she was a teen, was initially uncomfortable with her son's relationship, according to reports, so Madonna is no doubt eager to win her over.
She is also expected to meet Jesus's hospital worker father, Luis Heitor Pinto da Luz, who is a devout Christian.
The mother-of-four has been dating the Brazil model, 23, since July last year following her split from husband Guy Ritchie.
Madonna says she's a proud 'cougar' - an older woman who dates younger men.
'I love that phrase,' she said recently
. 'I just learned it the other day'.
When asked what age she likes her men, she replied 'They have to be old enough to dress themselves. [Laughs]
'There's something to be said for younger people - they tend to be more adventurous and aren't set in their ways. I mean, have you met guys my age? Usually they are married or divorced and grumpy, fat and balding.
, who recently made a philanthropic trip to Africa, also plans to explore social projects during her trip to Brazil.
Rio de Janeiro governor Sergio Cabral says the star is looking for ways to lend her help.
Cabral is scheduled to meet Madonna in Rio along with Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista to talk about possible partnerships.

Source: Mail Online.

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