Madonna Impresses Possible Candidate For Brazil’s Presidency

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Madonna impressionne le possible candidat pour la présidence du Brésil.

Thursday, February 11, 2010 10:43AM - By Jeffrey Hyatt

In an effort to help the poor children of Brazil, pop star Madonna spent some time this week with Sao Paulo state Gov. Jose Serra – a likely candidate for the 2010 campaign to succeed Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
It seems Madonna made quite an impression on the politician.
According to an AP report, Serra wrapped his arm around the Material Girl and posed for the hordes of photographers.
Serra said of the 52-year-old:
She seems very young, much less than her (age).”
The two spent about an hour inside the Palace Dos Bandeirantes discussing how to best help Brazil’s poor children; Madonna did not answer questions about her meeting with Serra. The singer also made time during her visit to tour a Sao Paulo center that helps kids.
Should Serra win the presidency, Madonna could be well-positioned to really do some good in the country to help those less fortunate. Then again it really shouldn’t matter who wins – if Madonna is serious about helping out in Brazil then she should be able to make that happen regardless of who is elected.
No word on whether or not Serra is actually a fan of Madonna’s music.

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Madonna Impresses Possible Candidate For Brazil’s Presidency

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