Madonna in Louis Vuitton: Third worst dressed celebrity of the year

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Madonna en Louis Vuitton: Troisième célébrité la plus mal habillée de l'année.

The award for worst dressed celebrity of the year goes to...
By Liz Jones
Last updated at 9:58 AM on 24th December 2009

Cheryl Cole comes fifth for that weird, curved David Koma dress and awful hair extensions.
Mary-Kate Olsen limps in fourth in a kaftan and headband.
Madonna manages only third, in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton, designed by Marc Jacobs, surely the most overrated designer of the past ten years.
Second is Sharon Stone, for that sheer lace and leather number.
But the winner of the worst outfit of 2009 has to be Cate Blanchett for this one-shouldered crochet dress: nice cup of tea, anyone?

Source: Mail Online.

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