Madonna invests in drinks from Jesus’ country

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Madonna investit dans les boissons du pays de Jesus.

Feb 3 2010
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Madonna likes things which are Brazilian these days especially after being with 23 year old Jesus Luz. Well at the moment the pop star has got so hooked to Vita CoCo, coconut water manufactured in Brazil that she has decided to invest in the company. She is reportedly making an investment of $1.5 million in that company. The other fellow celebrities who have invested in the company include her manager Guy Oseary, Mathew McConaughey and Demi Moore.
Health conscious Madonna fell for the drink during her Stick and Sweet tour in 2009.  She likes the drink because of its health and ageing benefits. Coconut water is good for the skin and it helps to flash out toxins from the body. The 42 year old singer does everything in her bid to stay young and energetic. She undertakes rigorous yoga sessions to stay fit and slim.
Before Vita Coco, Madonna used to drink special brands of coffee. But she drinks Vita Cocoas for refreshment. Plus her choice of drink has been approved by her medical team comprising of doctors and chiropractors. Coconut water is known to have many health benefits; it helps to lower cholesterol level, prevents diabetes and boosts the immune system. As long as Vita Coco is around Madonna can stay fit and young huh!

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