Madonna Leaves Daughter in Charge

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Madonna laisse sa fille être responsable.

Tuesday April 13, 2010

Madonna says her teenage daughter Lourdes will be “making the majority of the decisions” when it come to their joint fashion line.
The mother and daughter duo are teaming up to launch Material Girl in the autumn.
And Madge has put her fashionable offspring in charge.
I am really counting on her because I am too busy,” she said. “This is the deal I made with her, ‘If we are going to do this line together you are up front and center and you are going to be making the majority of the decisions.’
I trust her because she has great style.”
Madonna, 51, recently revealed that Lourdes likes to borrow her superstar mother’s clothes.
It’s weird because my closet doesn’t really have that much of that look so she’s somehow figured out a way to do it on her own… thrift shops and taking bits and pieces from her favorite stores… stealing stuff from my closet and she creates this look that is her own, but also influenced by the early ’80s and the way that I used to dress, so I think it’s in the DNA,” she said last month.
When Lourdes chooses her own wardrobe for when she’s going out or going to school or whatever, I have a lot of input, but when it comes to designing the line it’s pretty much her point of view.
The most fun is when Lourdes comes into the room and takes over and pulls out all of her favorite stuff and starts going through the racks and just takes over.
I just sit on the conference table and watch and let her do the work — it’s nice, it’s refreshing.”

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