Madonna: ''Lourdes Is More Fashion-Savvy Than Me''

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Madonna: "Lourdes a plus le sens de la mode que moi."

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Madonna says her teenage daughter Lourdes Leon has a keener eye for fashion than she does.
The pop star has talked up her daughter Lourdes Leon’s sense of style declaring the 13-year-old is “much more fashion-forward and savvy than I am at this point”.
Mother and daughter are set to debut their young women’s clothing collection, Material Girl, for Macy’s on August 3. Pieces designed by the pair include a sleeveless biker vest, plaid shirts, floral miniskirts, and high-waist shorts, People reports.
Lourdes has also recently turned fashion blogger, sharing her thoughts on her favourite looks and trends.
I am totally obsessivo about 80s shorts,” she wrote. “You know the kind that makes your butt look kinda big, with a grunge-looking shirt tucked in.”

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Madonna: 'Lourdes is more fashion savvy'
Thursday, July 1 2010, 14:22 BST
By Mayer Nissim, Entertainment Reporter

Madonna has claimed that her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes is more fashionable than she is.
The pop superstar was speaking at the launch of the Material Girl fashion range the pair designed together for Macy's, BBC Newsbeat reports.
Madonna said of her daughter: "She has a kind of a uniform at her school. There's a restriction with what world of colours she can work with and so because there's a restriction it makes her have to be more creative and more resourceful.
"Then plus her influences watching films, watching music videos, I mean, she pays attention to what's going on on the street and what people are wearing. She's much more fashion forward and savvy than I am at this point."
She added: "I usually tell her to take off her three-inch or six-inch platforms and pull her skirt down just a little bit and take off some of the black eye make-up around her eyes.
"She does have amazing style, but I am the typical mother where I say, 'Oh my God, you can't go to school dressed like that'."

Source: Digital Spy.

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