Madonna makes statement against Malawi couple’s sentence

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Madonna fait une déclaration contre la sentence du couple au Malawi.

By Jennifer Vanasco, editor in chief,
05.21.2010 7:40am EDT
365 Gay: News

Activists have called on Madonna to say something against the 14 years of hard labor to which a Malawi gay couple were sentenced after being convicted for the “gross indecency” of having an engagement ceremony last year.
is a giant figure in Malawi – she is funding a school there, adopted two orphans from the country, and established a charity to help it’s children, Raising Malawi.
Madonna wrote, “I am shocked and saddened by the decision made today by the Malawian court, which sentenced two innocent men to prison. As a matter of principle, I believe in equal rights for all people, no matter what their gender, race, color, religion, or sexual orientation. Today, Malawi took a giant step backward. The world is filled with pain and suffering; therefore, we must support our basic human right to love and be loved. I call upon the progressive men and women of Malawi — and around the world — to challenge this decision in the name of human dignity and equal rights for all.”

Source: 365 Gay.

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