Madonna named 'Most Famous Celebrity of the Decade'

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Madonna nommée "La Célébrité La Plus Célèbre de la Décennie".

London, Dec 21 : Madonna has been named the 'most famous celebrity of the decade' after grabbing more column inches than any other star.
A study of celebrity reports from British national newspapers showed that, Robbie Williams, who has enjoyed comeback success this year, was the most written-about male celebrity of the past 10 years.
With a high profile marriage and divorce, adoption bids and one of the most successful careers around, Madonna has accrued 45,633 mentions over the decade.
This was around 17,000 more news articles than her nearest rival Williams.
The study was commissioned by online UK TV channel Liv, which features style and celebrity programming.
''This is a fascinating insight into which celebrities have real showbiz staying power with the UK print press and have proved their popularity over the last decade. Madonna's ability to be able to re-invent herself and her image has meant she has stayed at the top of her game throughout the noughties and we salute the queen of pop,'' the Telegraph quoted Alex Ayling, Liv commissioning executive, as saying.
The results were calculated by TNS Media Intelligence using British national newspapers.

The top 10 celebrities in the Column Inch Countdown for the last decade, with the total number of articles:

1. Madonna 45,633
2. Robbie Williams 27,976
3. Britney Spears 27,910
4. Brand Beckham (Posh and Becks) 26,561
5. Kate Moss 26,494
6. Victoria Beckham 25,204
7. David Beckham 24,631
8. Michael Jackson 22,426
9. Simon Cowell 22,263
10. Sir Paul McCartney 20,347

Source: Newkerala/ANI.

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