Madonna on the cover of UK newspaper ''Daily Mail''

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Madonna en couverture du journal anglais "Daily Mail".

UK newspaper "Daily Mail" - August 4, 2010

Journal anglais "Daily Mail" - 4 août 2010.

 Madonna on the cover of UK newspaper ''Daily Mail''
Madonna on the cover of UK newspaper ''Daily Mail''

What's Madonna doing letting her daughter, 13, pitch this clothes range at young girls?
By Liz Thomas
Last updated at 9:23 AM on 4th August 2010

The skirts are short, the tops slashed and the attitude is smouldering. And thanks to Madonna and her 13-year-old daughter, this is the wardrobe that your little girl could soon be hankering after.
The 51-year-old singer and daughter Lourdes are behind the Material Girl clothing range, which was unveiled yesterday at Macy's in New York.
Judging by the promotional pictures, the message is less than wholesome.
The collection consists of clothes, footwear, handbags and accessories, including Eighties-inspired ra-ra skirts, lace mini-dresses and sequinned hot pants.
Fans were encouraged to dress up as Madonna, with those making the effort being rewarded with a gift voucher and free T-shirt signed by the star.
Around 150 teenage girls queued to be first to access the collection, while models dressed as the singer handed out free cupcakes.
Onlookers said the queue stretched around the block but demand to get to the range was not as high as they had been expecting.
Thigh skimming skirts, slashed cropped tops, fishnet tights and bustier dresses have long been a staple of Madonna’s wardrobe.
But now the star is working with her 13 year-old daughter Lourdes to promote the risqué style to a generation of young girls.
The 51-year-old singer and her teenage daughter Lourdes created the Material Girl range.
She signed Taylor Momsen, singer and actress in U.S. school drama Gossip Girl to be the new face of the brand, which is clearly aimed at young teens.
The 17-year-old posed in a series of sultry ads, in one she appears in fishnet tights and a low cut grey mini dress, in another she wears a black and white mini skirt and sheer tights, and a lacy black skirt.
Yesterday there were questions about the suitability of such outfits for younger teenage girls.
Already a number of High Street names have been criticised for stocking children's clothes that are more appropriate for adults.
The debate about the premature sexualisation of children and young adults has raged in recent years with music, television, films, and advertising accused of making kids grow up too fast.
Earlier this year there was an outcry from parents after Disney star ten-year-old Noah Cyrus launched a children’s clothing range which included an array of mini skirts, skin-tight lycra dresses, and high-heeled knee high boots.
In a report earlier this year, leading psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos said that the barrage of ‘sexualised’ advertising and imagery, meant it was becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between where childhood ends and adulthood begins.
Across the high street a number of shops have come under fire for stocking children’s that are more appropriate for adults.
Research by the Daily Mail in February found Asda, the UK's largest childrenswear retailer, sold black sequined microshorts and metallic biker jackets for four-year-olds, while Next, its rival, sold strappy, diamante sandals with adult-height heels to fit three-year-olds.
The 51 year-old has heaped praise on her eldest daughter commending her as 'resourceful', 'savvy', 'creative' and much more ‘fashion forward’ than her.
In her blog about the Material Girl collection the 13 year-old explained: ‘Ok may I just say, not to brag or anything, but its pretty awesome and I do like the clothes a lot.
I’m not the designer of the line but my mom and I inspired it and do the styling, the putting together and the staying on tren It’s cool because it’s not only rock chick, there are also some boho items, skater, and some great 80’s pieces as well. So please check the pieces out online or in stores and I really hope you all like it.
Last month the singer took a break from directing her film on the love affair between Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII to take the helm at the photoshoot for the clothing line.
Miss Momsen said the musical icon seemed like a ‘cool mum’.
She added: ‘Madonna totally came in and intervened [on the shoot] and re-did everything and positioned everything and put it into her own vibe. I think we [have] a very good working relationship. I think it went well.
She’s very down to earth for all her success so it was good to see that. She is amazing. She was very down to earth.
‘Madonna is very comfortable to be around – very professional but a lot of fun.’
Miss Momsen added: 'Lourdes was here all day and she helped style the shoot and I worked with her to put the outfits together. She’s a sweetheart.'

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