Madonna Pays for Her Kid’s Schooling with Her Cast-Off Boots

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Madonna paye la scolarité de son enfant avec ses bottes.

May 4, 2011 4:44 PM

Brian Moylan —Sure, Madonna created a whole (possibly shady) charity to raise money for schools in Malawi, but do you know how she raises money for daughter Lourdes Leon's schooling? By selling her old Chanel boots.
That's right, Madonna donated a pair of boots to a charity auction at Lola's future alma mater, LaGuardia Arts High School, better known as the Fame school. The boots are just one of the hundreds of items up for sale to benefit the public school. If you don't want to knock Madonna's boots, you can get tickets to Shakespeare in the Park, Fashion Week, or Saturday Night Live. And you can help performing kids, our nation's most endangered resource.
While we're sure the donation of an old pair of boots is very generous, can't Madonna just, you know, write a check for the $2.6 million that has been cut from LaGuardia High's budget over the last two years?

Source: Gawker.

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