Madonna prepares for new album

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Madonna se prépare pour un nouvel album.

December 8, 2:12 PM
Indianapolis Celebrity Headlines Examiner
Sue Bergerstein

Madonna finally seems like Madonna again. She has lost the British accent, the talentless British husband, lives in New York City, and is actually smiling again. She looks like she has gained some badly needed weight as well.
Madonna is about to start recording her new album. David Guetta (Black Eyed Peas) has bragged about working on some of the tracks. The only other confirmed producer is Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen). We are far more excited about Brendan O'Brien than David Guetta.
It's a perfect time for Madonna to start working on a new album. Recent albums from fellow divas Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey have failed to live up to any hype.

Source: Examiner.

Madonna prepares for new album
Madonna: Smiling again.
Photo: AP.

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